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Bio-inspired Photonic Crystals for Biosensing and Display Devices
1  Institute of Biomedical and Health Engineering (IBHE), Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)


Photonic materials were originated from the inspiration of the nature, such as the feather of peacock, the wing of butterfly and the skin of chameleon. Due to their special optical properties, photonic materials have been wisely explored in various research fields like communication, sensors and display devices. Here, we would like to present our recent research on responsive photonic crystals, including bio-inspired fabrications, biosensing and display devices. By incorporating stimuli-responsive polymers into photonic crystals, the resulting responsive photonic crystals can be used for biosensing, displays and photonic paper. Based on this progress, we believe responsive photonic crystals will find great practical applications, such as wearable device, portable detecting device and information storage.



Keywords: photonic crystal; biosensing; display; photonic paper