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Flexible MEMS Microelectrodes for Neural Interface
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1  Shanghai Jiao Tong University


With the rapid development of MEMS (Micro-electro-mechanical Systems) fabrication technologies, manifolds microelectrodes with various structures and functions have been designed and fabricated for applications in biomedical research, diagnosis and treatment through electrical stimulation and electrophysiological signal recording. The flexible MEMS microelectrodes exhibit multi-aspect excellent characteristics, such as: lighter weight, smaller volume, better conforming to neural tissue and lower fabrication cost. In this talk, we mainly reviewed key technologies on flexible MEMS microelectrodes for neural interface in recent years, including: design and fabrication technology, flexible MEMS microelectrodes with fluidic channels and electrode-tissue interface modification technology for performance improvement. Furthermore, the future directions of flexible MEMS microelectrodes are discussed.

Keywords: Implantable Microdevice;Flexible MEMS;Neural Interface