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Self Powered Smart Sensing System
1  Peking University


As is well known, energy crisis are becoming a worldwide problem and researchers are making every effort to search for the green and renewable energy source. To solve the problem, self-powered system has been proposed, which focuses on harvesting energy from the ambient environment. In 2012, utilizing the friction to generate energy based on the combination of triboelectric and electrostatic effect is presented as triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) which can be applied to biomedical and environmental systems as a power supply or a self-powered active sensor. 

In this talk, speaker will report their latest research work in TENGs with Hybrid mechanism. Frist, a r-shape hybrid piezoelectric and triboelectric NG is designed and integrated into a PC keyboard to harvest energy in the typing process, additionally, this device utilize in piano for self-recorder of composing. Second, another hybrid magnetic and triboelectric nanogenerators is introduced which can be used as self-powered visualized omnidirectional tilt sensing system. Third, an ultrathin flexible Piezoelectric and triboelectric Harvester for implantable applications will be discussed. The hybrid mechanism of Triboelectrical generator provides high performance and stability, which is important for powering implantable devices, touch panels, cell phone, artificial skins, sensor network nodes and so on.

Keywords: Self Power, Smart System, triboelectric generator