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Compact Spectropolarimeter based on Metasurface in Vislble range
1  National Dong Hwa University


Spectropolarimeter is an optical instrument for characterizing the polarization state of light. Identifying the polarization state of light is an important diagnostic method in versatile applications. In this talk, a broadband plasmonic metasurface with Pancharatnam-Berry phase distribution is proposed to measure the polarization state of light through a birefringent material, which is a plastic tape. The birefringent tape with different numbers of layers represents different colors and is with varying phase delay for polarization eigen states. It is shown that the polarization state of light through birefringent tape measured by plasmonic metasurface has a fair agreement with that measured by a commercial polarimeter. This result shows that the metasurface has a potential as a compact spectropolarimeter.