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Integrated Quantum Plasmonics and Optofluidics for Global Health
1  Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center, UC Berkeley


In this talk, I will present quantum plasmonics and its applications in integrated optofluidics for fundamental life sciences and precision medicine.  First, I will introduce a quantum plasmonic nanoscope that allows non-invasive optical imaging of quantum biological electron-transfer (QBET) dynamics in live cells. The quantum nanoscope is designed to capture the real-time QBET imaging of enzymes using Plasmon Resonance Energy Transfer (PRET) mechanism and quantized plasmon quenching dips in resonant Rayleigh scattering spectra.  Second, I will discuss the important role of nanoplasmonics in integrated molecular diagnostic systems (iMDx) for personalized precision medicine. The iMDx comprises three key elements of precision medicine on chip: (1) ultrafast multiplexed photonic PCR for the early detection of DNA and RNA biomarkers in blood, (2) signal amplifications of protein markers, and (3) a self-contained sample preparation from whole blood on chip, which allows a sample-to-answer readout platform.  Microphysiological analytics platforms (MAPs) are also created as innovative solutions in pathogenesis life science, personalized drug discovery, and therapeutics.  In particular, the real-time imaging of formation and dynamics of pathogenesis in mini-brains MAP and pancreatic islets MAP will be discussed along with the vision of preventive medicine via precision engineering medicine.