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Plasmonic Metasurface for Photonics Applications in Demand
1  Academia Sinica


The functionalities of traditional optical component are mainly based on the phase accumulation through the propagation length, leading to a bulky optical component like lens and waveplate. Plasmonic metasurfaces composed of two-dimensional (2D) artificial structures have attracted a huge number of interests due to their ability on controlling the optical properties including electromagnetic phase as well as amplitude at a subwavelength scale. They therefore pave a promising way for the development of flat optical devices and integrated optoelectronic systems. In this talk, several research topics for photonic applications based on metasurfaces will be performed and discussed: high efficiency anomalous beam deflection, highly dimensional holographic imaging, versatile polarization generation and analysis, multi-functional and tunable Metadevices, and engineering non-radiating anapole mode for the generation of toroidal dipole moment in free space.