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An Inkjet Printed Stacked Split-Ring Resonators
1  Tottori University


In order to easily achieve multi-resonant metamaterials with a stacked structure, we have proposed a simple fabrication method. In this presentation, we demonstrate the simple fabrication method and fabrication results of the multi-resonant metamaterials. In the fabrication, a silver nanoparticle inkjet printing technique was applied, which enables us to achieve a simple and low cost metamaterials. Moreover, our multi-resonant metamaterials have been achieved on a paper substrate.

We designed split-ring resonator (SRR) arrays as the metamaterials in THz region, which have different resonant frequencies. The resonant frequencies of the fabricated SRRs are evaluated by using THz time-domain spectroscopy (TDS).

As a result, we have achieved good agreement between the simulated and the measured values for x- and y-polarized incident waves. Furthermore, we could successfully obtain the multi-resonant frequencies for x-polarized incident wave. We also discuss the influence of misalignment between SRR arrays on the resonant frequencies.

Finally, we also introduce recent research results regarding metasurfaces consisted of complementary metal checkerboard patterns.

Keywords: stacked metamaterial, multi-resonant frequency, inkjet printing