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Microfludic Metamaterials - Toward the Tuning Limit
1  Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology


The ability to control resonant properties of individual metamolecule in a metamaterial structure on the sub-wavelength scale will offer an ultimate freedom for dynamically shaping wavefronts of electromagnetic radiation for applications such as variable aberration corrected planar lenses, dynamic holograms and spatial intensity and phase modulators with sub-wavelength pixelation. Here we report tunable metamaterials where the tunabilities are enabled by microfluidic technology. The resonant properties of every individual metamolecule can be continuously controlled at will without limited by the nonlinear properties of the materials. Therefore microfluidic technologies offer ultimate freedom in achieving a dynamic control of metamaterials optical properties as well as electromagnetic wavefront with wavelengths ranging from THz to GHz region. In this paper, we briefly review the pioneer works on MEMS and Microfluidic metamaterials and their applications on tunable lens and absorbers.