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Monolithic MEMS + Photonics Systems
1  Purdue University


Opto-mechanical systems offer one of the most sensitive methods for detecting mechanical motion using shifts in the optical resonance frequency of the opto-mechanical resonator. Presently, these systems are used for measuring mechanical thermal noise displacement or mechanical motion actuated by optical forces. Meanwhile, electrostrictive and piezoelectric actuation and detection are the main transduction schemes used in RF MEMS resonators.

In this talk, I will introduce a method for actuating an opto-mechanical resonator using MEMS transducers and sensing of mechanical motion by using the optical intensity modulation at the output of an opto-mechanical resonator. I will discuss classical applications enabled by this hybrid platform such as multi-GHz Acousto-Optic Modulators (AOM) and Opto-Acoustic Oscillators.  I will conclude my talk by providing a glimpse of how we are leveraging our mastery of micromachining and MEMS to achieve coherent transduction between spin-defects, phonons and photons.

Keywords: Optomechanics, RF MEMS, oscillators