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Green synthesis of quinazolinone derivatives by using a recyclable heteropoly acid catalyst
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1  Catalysts and Organic Synthesis Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran 1684613114, Iran


Design and application of acid catalysts in organic synthesis due to minimizing energy consumption and waste production have considered a lot of attention. The catalytic activity of heteropoly acids (HPAs) and related polyoxometalate (POMs) compounds have attracted great attention particularly in the last two decades. The unique properties such as stable and strong acidity, high oxidation potential, redox characteristics and impressive sensitivity to light being environmentally and presenting fewer disposal problems are from outstanding advantages of these compounds. Quinazolines are a class of nitrogen containing heterocycles with a bicyclic structure consisting of two fused six membered aromatic rings, which are valuable in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry because of their biological properties including anticancer, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and antihypertensive activities. In this study, H5PV2Mo10O40/SiO2 POM composite was prepared and characterized according to published reports and its catalytic activity was investigated in the synthesis of quinazolinone derivatives via multicomponent reactions strategy.

Keywords: Green chemistry, Heterogeneous catalysts, Polyoxometalate, Quinazolinone.