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The studies on the production of polylactide's paper adhesive
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1  Cracow University of Technology, Department of chemistry and technology of polymers, Warszawska 24, 31155 Cracow Poland


The process of bonding and adhesives are an important part of human life from the earliest times. Over the years, a development has evolved. Natural adhesives were increasingly replaced by synthetic, which allowed to obtain more permanent weld and glue together  different types of materials. Despite the emergence of new industrial sectors which allowed to connect components such as soldering, welding, thermal bonding, rivets, screws or pins gluing process did not lose in significance. People are willing to use the features and ease of use adhesives. Ecological aspects, however, pay attention to the safety of the environment. Decreasing non-renewable sources and the growing amount of waste affects the market, on which to a greater extent firms appear with environmentally friendly technologies. An important field of biodegradable polymers are produced from renewable raw materials that do not affect negatively the environment. Nowadays, more and more research is conducted to increase the scope of their use.

The experimental section presents a method to prepare polylactide paper adhesives and the effects of additives on its properties. The first part  a review of the latest scientific and patent literature towards polylactide biocomposite adhesives. This review shows a lack of studies on polylactide adhesives in the literature. This led to a series of experimental studies related to the selection of  appropriate adhesive formulations, as well as additives favorably affecting  the strength of the glued joints. The object of the study were the four compositions with the same concentration (polylactide dissolved in chloroform - primary composition, the composition containing pigments, the composition containing the essential oil and the composition with corn flour).

The resulting compositions were subjected to a series of experimental studies such as: rheological tests including measurements of viscosity and thixotropy, peel strength, wettability and penetration, content of solids and creep tests. The lifetime of adhesives were determined, and we finally propose a method and the respective conditions for their long-term storage.

Keywords: paper adhesives, polylactide, biocomposites