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Preparation of corn cob based bioadsorbent as an effective adsorbent
1  Department of Chemistry, Iran University of Science and Technology


The high level of production and use of dyes due to industrialization has created a great global environmental concern. These pollutants are non-biodegradable and stable to light, heat, and moderate oxidizing agents which create the serious threats to human health and marine. Hence, removal of these pollutants from discharged wastewater is a very challenging task. The aim of this present study was to utilize the residual biomass of corn for eco-friendly bioadsorbent preparation and eliminating the methyl orange from aqueous solution. The effects of initial dye concentration, bioadsorbent dosage and contact time on the adsorption capacity of the bioadsorbent were investigated. The maximum adsorption capacities of the bioadsorbent for methyl orange was 350 mg g-1 at initial concentration of 500 mg L-1. Moreover, the recyclability experiments demonstrated that the bioadsorbent could be reused for at least four cycles with stable adsorption capacity. These results provide that corn cob based bioadsorbent can be utilize as an effective adsorbent for practical wastewater treatment.