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Signal Acquisition from Piezoelectric Transducers for Impedance-Based Damage Detection
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1  São Paulo State University (UNESP), School of Engineering, Bauru


Damage detection in structural health monitoring (SHM) using piezoelectric transducers has received attention in recent decades for increasing safety and reducing maintenance costs of various types of engineering structures. Among the various methods to detect structural damage, the impedance-based method performs the measurement of the electrical impedance of piezoelectric transducers attached in the monitored structure, which is related to the mechanical properties of the structure due to the piezoelectric effect. Therefore, the impedance measurement is critical to ensure the correct diagnosis of the structure and this paper presents an analysis of the main techniques of signal acquisition from piezoelectric transducers that have been proposed in the literature to replace the conventional impedance analyzers. Experimental tests were carried out with a piezoelectric transducer attached to an aluminum bar and the acquisition techniques were analyzed and compared regarding the precision and sensitivity to damage. The analysis was performed using the real part of the impedance signatures and a basic damage index based on the correlation coefficient. The results indicate that the signal acquisition techniques have important differences regarding the precision and sensitivity to structural damage that should be considered in the development of impedance-based SHM systems.  

Keywords: piezoelectric transducers; signal acquisition; impedance; damage; SHM