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Nutrimetabolomics – a tool for humans and animals health management in "One Medicine" concept
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1  Banat University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine ,,King Michael I of Romania"


Abstract: The field of metabolomics is still under development, but it has an increased capacity for research applications, especially in nutrition and health areas. The relationships between nutrients and the organisms functionality has increased interest for nutritional metabolomics researches. Nutrimetabolomics became thus more and more used for analyzing the correlation between dietary intake and diseases occurrence. On the other hand, metabolic fingerprinting can help for understanding and development of personalized nutrition. This could contribute to improvement of health status, well-being, animal growing or food security. The very close cohabitation of humans with animals, either for raising livestock for food, or as pets, makes most of the diseases known in medical sciences to be common to humans and animals. This makes nutrimetabolomics to be the key tool for confirming the medium-animal-human relationship in order to achieve an unitary health of the world. So, the aim of this review is to highlight the importance of nutrimetabolomics as main tool for both, human and veterinary medicine research.

Keywords: Keywords: nutrimetabolomics; health; nutrition; animals; medicine