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The Omics Dashboard for Metabolomics Data
1  SRI International, Menlo Park CA


We present a cellular dashboard for interactive analysis of metabolomics datasets.  The tool organizes metabolomics data biologically, into individual metabolic pathways, and groupings of related pathways.  The dashboard enables the user to easily assess the activation levels of different areas of metabolism, from gross areas such as carbohydrate degradation, to specific pathways such as proline biosynthesis.

The hierarchical organization of the dashboard is its key organizing principle.  At the highest level, the dashboard is organized into four panels: Biosynthesis, Degradation, Energy Metabolism, and Other Pathways.  Each panel consists of a series of graphs, such as for amino acid biosynthesis and cofactor biosynthesis.  Each graph depicts all measurements for metabolites within that set of metabolic pathways.  The user can click on any graph to generate a new window containing an expanded panel that includes a graph for each component of the previous graph, e.g., clicking on the graph for amino acid biosynthesis produces individual graphs showing metabolite levels within every amino acid biosynthetic pathway.

Clicking on one of those amino acid graphs drills down further to produce a graph showing the levels of each individual metabolite within the pathway.  From here, users can also view the pathway diagram overlaid with metabolite data.  In this way, the user can navigate complex metabolomics data sets to identify meaningful changes that relate to the biological events under investigation.

Keywords: metabolomics, bioinformatics, dashboard