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Relationship between the fed substrates and the physical chemical parameters of an anaerobic biodigester in Ecuadorian Amazon Region.
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1  Facultad Ciencias de la Vida, Universidad Estatal Amazónica, Puyo, Ecuador.
2  Departamento Ciencias de la Tierra, Universidad Estatal Amazónica, Puyo, Ecuador.
3  Escuela Superior Politécnica Agropecuaria de Manabí “Manuel Félix López” Carrera de Ingeniería Ambiental, Campus Politécnico Sitio El Limón vía a la Pastora. Calceta, Manabí, Ecuador
4  Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam, Parroquia Muyuna km 7 vía Alto Tena, 150150, Tena-Napo, Ecuador


At present the search for renewable energy sources and raw materials is the attention of many countries that seek to modify their energy and productive matrix. Anaerobic digestion of different substrates is one of the most studied processes. Not only with the aim of generating a renewable energy source but also by the use of waste generated in industry, agriculture and our homes. The operational parameters of this process directly influence the quality of the biogas and of the digestate that is produced. In addition to influencing the performance of the process. Amazon State University's (UEA) has a bioreactor that is fed mainly with animal manure so that the variability of the quality of the raw material can influence the quality of the products obtained. This work aims to relate the influence of the different substrates fed on the variability of the physical chemical parameters (pH, salinity, conductivity) that affect the digestion process.

Keywords: Anaerobic digestion, animal manure, operational parameters