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Understanding Satellite Image-Based Green Space Distribution for Setting Up Solutions on Effective Urban Environment Management
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1  Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2  Cape Breton University, 1250 Grand Lake Rd, Sydney, NS, B1P 6L2, Canada


Urban environments are vulnerable, as there is a change in the surface structure of the land cover. Particularly when natural vegetation cover is converted to construction land, which is covered by impervious surfaces, it increases the accumulation of solar energy. This has led to an increasingly urban environment that is becoming more severe and threatening to affect the quality of life in urban populations. Satellite images are very helpful in determining the distribution of green space. The paper presents the results of analyzing urban land cover for determining green space (GS) distribution for Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). In 2017, the vegetation land of the old 13 urban districts accounts for only one third of the impervious surface. In contrast, in the area of 6 new urban districts there is a high percentage of urban green space, accounting for nearly twice the proportion of the impervious surface type. This shows that the old inner city area is seriously lacking GS area. Most districts have very low GS index, less than 10 m2/person, some districts even less than 3 m2/person. In the eastern part of the city, only District 9 has the highest GS index, and ensures a good life quality. Since then, the research has provided a number of management solutions to improve and develop the GS area, while enhancing the environment quality and the life quality for the population. The research results contribute to the effective urban management for HCMC.

Keywords: impervious surface; green space; satellite image; supervised classification; urban environment
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