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Strategic Corporate Sustainability Management Model
1  Vilnius University, Kaunas Faculty of Humanities. Muitines g. 8, LT-44280 Kaunas, Lithuania, Tel.: +370-37-422523; Fax: +370-37-423222.

Published: 02 November 2011 by MDPI in The 1st World Sustainability Forum session Governance & Sustainability
Abstract: The role of businesses in the journey towards society\'s sustainability is very important, as businesses are an integral part of the society, it has the resources, it is fast and can make rapid changes, it knows how to unite the people inside the company for the goals it sets and works with efficiency in mind. Nevertheless, businesses might not have the professionals and the sustainability scientific knowledge to set the sustainability vision, goals and lead the way. Help and assistance is needed from the management scientists proposing user friendly management models, that are scientifically sound and based on the sustainability principles, but at the same time easily understood by the managers, that are business visionaries and business professionals, but not necessarily sustainability professionals and scientists. Based on the critical analysis of existing business sustainability management models and their advantages and disadvantages, an expanded and detailed business sustainability strategic management model is proposed, in which each step of the model is elaborated to make it as business management friendly as possible. The three sustainability dimensions (environmental, social and economic) are expanded in the model adding the political dimension, which is recognized as the overarching dimension, and political criteria are proposed to be used in the journey towards a sustainable society.
Keywords: sustainability management, corporate sustainability, sustainability management model, sustainable development, strategic sustainability management.
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Kilstein Martein
Sustainable business model is awesome.
This model on Sustainable business is pretty awesome. USPS is using same model to improve the business. Now all USPS employees can make use of Liteblue portal to get all the benefits.

Kilstein Martein
Awesome model
Now all USPS employees can make use of liteblue portal to get all the benefits.