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Promoting the China Health Modernization by Health Superhighway System
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1  China Center for Modernization Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2  University of Chinese Academy of Sciences


We, China Centre for Modernization Research Chinese Academy of Sciences, released our 16th annual China Modernization Report in 2017. The topic was focused on the world and China’s health. The China Modernization Report 2017 analyzed world health modernization since 1700, covering healthy life, healthy environment, health service and public health system based on global 131 countries (Population > 1 million). The long term trends and world frontiers of health modernization had been concluded, mainly for reference to promote the China health modernization. Based on these findings, the chief editor of the China Modernization Report, Prof. Chuanqi HE, proposed the ‘Health Superhighway System’ in China Modernization Report 2017, aiming to provide the decision-making consultation and guidance of engineering practices for China’s health modernization. Herein, we will give a brief introduction of research finding in China Modernization Report 2017, and especially show the details of ‘Health Superhighway System’ for promoting the China health modernization in future.

Keywords: Health Modernization, Health Superhighway System, China Modernization Report
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