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Kinetic Study of the epoxy system BADGE n=0/IPD/ABS
1  University of Santiago de Compostela


The main objective of this work is the study of the curing kinetics of the epoxy system formed by the epoxy resin Diglicil ether of bisphenol A, Isophorone Diamine Hardener , and the thermoplastic modification agent, Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS . The introduction of a third component, in this case ABS, has been carried out to improve the application of this system in waterproofing and in the use of paints, as well as for the improvement of the resistance to the impact of this type of systems. In addition the obtaining of a kinetic and of the respective parameters will allow to know the properties and the knowledge of possible applications in the industry.

In particular, it is intended to reach a kinetic equation that is capable of describing the variation of the reaction rate according to the degree of curing for the all range of conversions, starting from the model proposed by Kamal et al.

Keywords: epoxy resin, kinetic, ABS, IPD