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Synthesis and study of the stability of phosphane palladacycles
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1  University of Santiago de Compostela, Department of Inorganic Chemistry


The chemistry of cyclometalated compounds has attracted much research interest in past years. They are known for their ample applications in numerous fields: organic synthesis, photochemistry, catalysis, and as potential biologically active materials. Numerous Palladacycles bearing Ph2PCH2PPh2-P,P, (dppm) were described before showing different ways of coordination.

We now report Palladacycles of the type [Pd2(Ph2PCH2PPh2−P,P)2(C,N:C,N)] can undergo a spontaneous slow chelate−to−bridging diphosphine coordination shift in solution when (C,N:C,N) is derived from −4,4´−sulfonyldianiline or −4,4´−oxydianiline and 2,3,4-trimethoxybenzylidene. Following this strategy a synthetic procedure was devised that culminates in isolation of the first crystallographically characterized tetranuclear palladium structures.

Keywords: Palladacycles; cyclometalated compounds; dppm