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Synthesis and properties of cyclodextrin-malic acid copolymers
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1  University of Agiculture in Krakow; Department of Food technology; ul. Balicka 122; PL-31-513 Krakow; Poland

Abstract: Cyclodextrins polymers are known as an interesting low molecular carriers in pharmacy, food technology, medicine etc. There are different routes to design such kind of macromolecules however most of them base on synthetic compound. In the presented work a series of cyclodextrin polyesters with malic acid were obtained using dry method. Sodium hydrogen phosphate was used as a catalyst. As a result two different fractions were obtained i.e. water soluble and insoluble ones. Both of them were characterized by means of carboxylic acid (HPLC) and carbohydrates profile (anthron method) . Several malic acid derivatives were detected especially fumaric and malonic acids. In obtained sample the complexation ability was checked using standard methyl orange method. The insoluble fraction was hydrolyzed using sodium carbonate solution and the carboxylic acids and cyclodextrin presence were investigated as well. According to obtained results we can state the novel cyclodextrin macromolecules were design using simple and easy protocol. The obtained product is fully biodegradable and completely nontoxic what guides to many possible application in both food and non-food application.
Keywords: cyclodextrin, malic acid, polyester