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Synthesis of Cationic Novel Bolaform Surfactant and Effect of Alkyl Group Chain Length in Polar Head Group 2. Dodecane-1,12-bis(trimethylammonium bromide) and Dodecane-1,12-bis(triethylammonium bromide)
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1  Department of Chemistry, Laboratory of surface chemistry ,Iran university of Science and Technology, P.O. Box 16765-163, Tehran,Iran

Abstract: Surfactants are organic compounds which contain hydrophobic groups acting as tail and hydrophilic groups acting as head, thus they are solved hardly in water and organic solvents.Surfactants are able to change surface energy within levels considerably. Property of surfactant comes from its double molecular structure. It means that it contains two hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups at the same time. A novel type of surfactants known as bolaform is studied and synthesized in this study. Bolaforms have two polar head groups connected via a poly methylen chain. They are categorized into anionic, cationic and non ionic depending on the head group\'s charge. Micelle extraction of metallic ions, using as molecules sensitive to light and usage in synthesis of mesoporous silica structure for different applications such as in catalysts are among bolaforms\' applications. Structural formula of synthesized kinds with the same spacer and different heads is as follows. Bolaform A with structural formula of Br-(CH3)3N+(CH2)12 N+(CH3)Brwith side branches of methyl in head group and bolaform B with structural formula of Br-(CH3 CH2)3N+(CH2)12 N+(CH3 CH2)3Br . IR and NMR identification techniques approves obtained product. Using surface tension measurement device it can be observed that synthesized bolaforms have suitable CMC (relatively low); in other words, bolaform\'s surfactants with long spacer have surface activity property.
Keywords: Cationic Novel Bolaform ,Surfactant