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Land Subsidence Monitoring in Jagadhri city using Sentinel 1 DInSAR Processing
* 1 , * 2 , * 3
1  Marine & Atmospheric Sciences Department, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, India
2  Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing Department, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, India
3  Geosciences Department, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, India


DInSAR is a renowned method for estimating land subsidence based on the principles of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar using different series of the temporal dataset. The present study has been performed using GMTSAR software with Sentinel 1 SAR data of C band for the duration of 2017-2019 (January to April) and focused particularly over the area of Jagadhri city which is situated 100Km away from Chandigarh, which has been identified under the potential threat of land subsidence. The DInSAR method has been applied in this study that came up with an outcome of 3 interferograms and yearly displacement that broadcast an update on the diagnosis of subsidence activity in the area. Total 6 SLC dataset was selectively chosen with a minimum temporal and spatial baseline so that the problem of decorrelation would be minimal. Goldstein filtering has been applied to the debursted interferograms which reduced the noise and in turn improved the quality of output. The city is located on the western bank of river Yamuna and about 55Km on the east of Ambala Due to the presence of unconsolidated sediments in the aquifer system and overexploitation of groundwater to meet the domestic needs has led to surface deformation in and around the city area. The outcome of this study identifies the area of depression quite distinctly while the accuracy has been assessed by ground survey. The rate of subsidence estimated approximately 4.9 cm/year which can prove to be disastrous over the course of time.

Keywords: DinSAR, Subsidence, Jagadhri, C Band, Ground water exploitation