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Compression techniques of underwater acoustic signals for real-time underwater noise monitoring .
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1  CTN - Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar (Marine Technology Centre)


Monitoring of the marine environment results in large amounts of data that must be processed and transmitted effectively for efficient resource management. In particular, given its high sampling rate, underwater noise signal acquisition technologies deserve special attention. In this article, a comparative study of the efficiency of different information processing and compression techniques is carried out, depending on the characteristics that want to be transmitted from the original signal. The applications and experiments carried out are focused on responding to the Marine Strategies, a marine environment planning instrument created under Directive 2008/56 / EC, of June 17, 2008, and more specifically to the D1 of the MSFD as regards at noise levels (both continuous and impulsive), as well as part of the D11 focused on the detection and abundance of cetaceans.

Keywords: Underwater noise; Acoustic monitoring; MSFD; Data compression;