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Low-Cost Solar Heating Reservoir Manufactured by Double-Coating a Water Tank with Polymeric Materials
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1  School of Chemical Engineering, University of Campinas
2  School of Mechanical Engineering
3  University of Campinas


One of the main needs of the modern society is the availability of low-cost energy sources, and the solar energy arises as an interesting alternative for both the generation of heat and electricity. In this work, a low-cost solar energy reservoir is proposed for domestic water heating. It is comprised of a thermoplastic (polyethylene) water tank thermally insulated by means of two different polymeric coatings, an acrylonitrile butadiene rubber foam, NBR, and a metalized polyester layer. The solar system also contains a flat collector based on a ceiling panel made of poly(vinyl chloride), PVC, coated with carbon black-filled glaze. The system design is cost-effective because of all the parts involved in the solar heating are made from commodity plastic materials. These plastic components present wide commercial availability and are easily handled, so that they can be rapidly assembled to build the entire system. Therefore, the solar heating system is simple, modular and easy-scalable, and may be even self-manufactured by the final user. It is an affordable option to the traditional high-cost copper, aluminum and glass solar panels and boilers or tanks used for heat storage.

Keywords: Solar energy; thermal insulation; heat reservoir; double-coating; polymeric materials
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Marco César Prado Soares
Dear Mary,

thank you very much for such a kind comment. We notice that in many times Science is far beyound the real world problems, and in our group we are fascinated for solving problems in a low-cost and creative way. In the case of this paper, we already verified that it is quite viable to assemble the system, so we left the power point presentation to help other people in this process.

Hope you can help us with the spreading of the technique, so we can take a little more confort to other peopel, specially in such difficult days that the world is living.

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Marco C P Soares
Brino Negri
Hello Ms Mary,
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As my partner said, we allways search a aplicable and low cost solution for our works.

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