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Use of an Active Learning Strategy Based on Gaussian Process Regression for the Uncertainty Quantification of Electronic Devices
* ,
1  Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, Politecnico di Torino


This paper presents a preliminary version of an Active Learning (AL) scheme for the sample
selection aimed at the development of a surrogate model for the uncertainty quantification based on the Gaussian Process regression. The proposed AL strategy iteratively searches for new candidate points to be included within the training set by trying to minimize the relative posterior standard deviation provided by the Gaussian Process regression surrogate. The above scheme has been applied for the construction of a surrogate model for the statistical analysis of the efficiency of a switching buck converter as a function of 7 uncertain parameters. The performance of the surrogate model constructed via the proposed active learning method are compared with the ones provided by an equivalent model built via a latin hypercube sampling. The results of a Monte Carlo simulation with the computational model are used as reference.

Keywords: Uncertainty quantification; Active Learning; surrogate model; Gaussian Process regression; switching converter