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Systematic Derivation of New Fields of Application for Innovative Bio-based Odour Sensors with Transfected Cells and Analysis of Economic Potentials
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1  Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA (registering DOI)

In this paper specific market potentials for innovative odour sensors with transfected cells are identified. A novel cell-based platform technology for odor sensors is described and related to existing competitive technologies regarding their specific properties, advantages and disadvantages. This classification enables an assessment of the specific market potential for this new technology and shows future perspectives that result from the properties. The new technology enables the development of new fields of application for odor sensors, the economic potential of which has not yet been adequately investigated. The respective fulfillment of defined requirements is therefore evaluated by means of selected technical criteria in order to determine performance profiles for each technology. Further, existing fields of application for odour sensors are identified and new ones are systematically derived. For the selection of application fields, the importance of the defined criteria is compared, which leads to specific requirement profiles. The comparison of performance and requirement profiles provides information about specific fields of application for cell-based odour sensors and their economic potential is estimated. The technology assessment was carried out with the involvement of numerous experts from German research in the field of odor and taste sensorics as well as technology development for this new type of cell-based sensors.

Keywords: bio-based; cell-based odour sensor; market analysis; market potential; biointelligence