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Optimal Sizing of RF Integrated Inductors for Power Transfer of implantable Biosensors
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1  LSSDIA, ENSET Mohammedia, University of Hassan II Casablanca, Mohammedia, Morocco
2  EEA & TI Laboratory Faculty of Science and Technology University of Hassan II, Casablanca Mohammedia, Morocco (registering DOI)

Energy recovery methods are currently receiving a very great deal of attention from the research community. Especially, in the case of implantable biosensors where wireless energy transfer has become the main technique in these applications. An implant is a medical device manufactured to replace a missing biological structure, support a damaged biological structure, or enhance an existing biological structure. Biosensors are man-made devices, in contrast to a transplant, which is a transplanted biomedical tissue. The method of energy transfer eliminates the risk of skin infection, as well as the need for invasive surgery to change the battery. In this paper, we present the efficient approach to design an optimized octagonal spiral inductor operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz with an inductance L value of 4 nH and a maximum factor of quality-Q. The principle part of this work is based on the use of a collection of methods called metaheuristics, which are approaches used to solve a wide range of optimization problems, in order to achieve a high-performance optimized design. The problem is represented by an objective function that will be implemented using MATLAB script and then the validation of the results obtained will be performed using the ADS microwave circuit simulation software.

Keywords: Biosensors; wireless energy transfer;Octagonal spiral inductor; Metaheuristics; factor of quality-Q.
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