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Analysis of the changes in the valuable wood market in RDSF Krosno
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1  Department of Forest Utilization, Institute of Forest Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW, Nowoursynowska 159/34, 02-776 Warsaw, Poland


Timber market is very unusual: despite the fact that it affects the economic behavior of consumers and suppliers, the exchange of goods such as wood is conditioned by the needs and ecological principles of silviculture.

Sale of wood in Poland, due to the dominant position of the State Forests, is supervised by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. One of the acceptable forms of wood sale are submissions. Usually, small amounts of wood with unusual features are offered here for a specific group of customers.

Regional Directorate of State Forest (RDSF) Krosno is located in the south-eastern part of Poland and manages a forest area of ​​approximately 400,000 hectares. Annual timber harvesting amounts to approx. 2 million m3, of which less than 2,000 m3 annually is allocated to the submissions.

The paper presents the sale results and prices of veneer wood obtained in submissions and in other forms of timber sale in the territory of the Krosno RDSF in the years 2000−2019.

The presented data, due to their 20-year continuity, make it possible to trace changes in the quantity of wood offered, the species structure, and price trends for individual species against the background of the economic situation in relation to the average prices obtained from other methods of sale.

Keywords: submission, assortment, valuable wood, timber market, Poland