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The Value of Recreational Ecosystem Services in India
1  Assistant Professor, Center for Ecological Economics and Natural Resources, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore, India


Forest ecosystem services have been a vital role in human well-being. Particularly, recreational ecosystem services are creating physical and mental well-well being of people. Therefore, the main objective of the paper is to estimate the economic value of recreational ecosystem services provided by two recreational sites such as Nandi Hills and Nagarhole National Park based on the Individual travel Cost Method in Karnataka, India. This study has used a random sampling method for 275 tourist visitors to recreational sites. The present study has also estimated the consumer surplus of the visitors. The result of the study has found that (i) economic value of two creational sites has estimated at the US $ 323.05 million, (ii) the consumer surplus has estimated for Nandi Hills at US$ 7.45 and Nagarhole National Park at US$ 3.16. The main implication of the study is to design the entry fees for the recreational site and sustainable utilization of recreational ecosystem services for the present and future generations.

Keywords: Forest, Ecosystem Services, Travel Cost Method, India
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Rodolfo Picchio
Session Chair comment
Dear Author,

I congratulate you for the case study presented. The central focus promoted in this research is the recreational value provided to people by forest ecosystem, as an indisputable element of their life quality and health. The survey has been conducted in two recreational sites through the travel Cost Method and shows a potential in supplying information for decision makers, in order to gain sustainable management and enhance social benefits of several forest areas of India. I hope to read further insights on this specific topic soon.

Session Chair

Rodolfo Picchio
Muniyandi Balasubramanian
Dear Prof Rodolfo Picchio,
Many thanks for your valuable encouragement on the work. I am waiting for your comments and suggestions regarding the manuscript.