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Seedling quality from six Pinus species produced in polyethylene bag
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1  INIFAP-CEVAMEX, Department of Forest Plantations, Highway Los Reyes-Texcoco km 13.5. Coatlinchán, Texcoco, Estado de México, 56250, Mexico
2  INIFAP-CEVAMEX, Department of Forest Management, Highway Los Reyes-Texcoco km 13.5. Coatlinchán, Texcoco, Estado de México, 56250, Mexico
3  INIFAP-CENID-COMEF, Department of Forest Plantations, Progreso 5, Coyoacán 04010, Mexico
4  INIFAP-Sitio Experimental Tlaxcala, Department of Forest Management, Chiautempan 90800, Tlaxcala, Mexico


The restorers of degraded areas require high quality plants, with ideal morphological attributes to be able to establish successfully on the plantation sites, even if the site conditions are adverse. In order to know the plant quality of six pine species, that will be used for reforestation and restoration of forest lands in the state of México, we evaluated five morphological attributes based on the Mexican Norm NMX-AA-170-SCFI-2016 and Rodríguez-Ortiz et al. (2020). At the Heroes Bicentennial Forest Nursery of Tecámac, we measured seedling’s basal diameter (at the root neck (DC)), height, from the base to the apical bud (Alt), slenderness index (IE = Alt/DC), aerial dry biomass and dry root biomass ratio (BSA/BSR) and Dickson's quality index (ICD). For DC, the results showed that all species but Pinus ayacahuite, had high quality. In Alt, P. greggii and P. leiophylla had the best quality; while in IE, all the species but P. greggii, showed high quality. For the BSA/BSR ratio, P. cembroides, P. ayacahuite and P. hartwegii were the best, and for ICD, P. hartwegii had the highest quality value. Considering all the morphological indicators together, we determined that P. cembroides and P. greggii had the best plant quality. This information is key to analyze the seedling’s survival in the field and make timely decisions in land restoration management.

Keywords: Morphological attributes in Pinus; increased survival; PROBOSQUE; nursery plant production; reforestation; forest restoration