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Detection of Velocity Based on Change in the Apparent Size
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1  Indian Institute of Technology Mandi


This article discusses a concept for developing a vision-based sensing system for measuring the velocity of an object which is based on the concept of apparent size. Objects at a finite distance from the eye look smaller than their real dimension. Movement of the object causes to change in its apparent size. In this work a mathematical relation is obtained which relates infinitesimal change in apparent size to the infinitesimal change in spatial coordinates of the object in the form of an ordinary differential equation. A mechanical device is fabricated for measuring the apparent size. Then by knowing the change in apparent size due to motion, change in displacement is calculated. Experiments are conducted to measure the average velocity of a regular shaped object based on the change in its apparent size due to its motion. The average magnitude of error between average velocity calculated from the change in apparent size through the equation and from the actual displacement is about 2% and it is varying in between 0 and 5%. Results show the possibility to develop a vision sensor system to measure the velocity of objects by using high-speed cameras when the real size of the object is known and also it may be possible to develop vision velocity sensors for mobile robot applications

Keywords: Measurement; Apparent Size; Velocity; Vision-Based Sensing; Camera