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Inkjet-Printed Flexible Temperature Sensor Based on Silver Nanoparticles Ink
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1  Mimos Berhad


In this research, a flexible inkjet-printed temperature sensor with in-house silver nanoparticles ink is presented and compared with the sensor printed with commercial silver nanoparticles ink. These sensors have an average width of 0.5±0.04 mm in the latter and 0.5±0.03 mm in the former. These serpentine structure sensors was printed on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate by using Fujifilm Dimatix 2850 printer. The corresponding results indicated in resistance have been recorded in the range of 30-100°C to evaluate the sensor performance. The result of the studies showed that there was a linear relationship between the resistance and temperature for both ink types. The printed sensors developed using the in-house ink presented higher sensitivity 0.1086 Ω/oc compared to the commercial ink which was 0.0543 Ω/oc. Therefore, the flexible inkjet-printed temperature sensor with the in-house silver nanoparticles ink is recommended for the large-scale productions and implementations.

Keywords: Inkjet-printed; Flexible substrate; Temperature sensor;Silver nanoparticles;Printed electronics