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IoT based COVID-19 SOP compliance monitoring and assisting system for businesses and public offices
* 1 , * 2 , 3
1  School of Social Sciences, University of Sunshine Coast
2  School of Science and Engineering, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia
3  School of Social Sciences, University of Sunshine Coast;


This paper discusses a potential low-cost IoT-enabled COVID-19-compliance system with the ability to monitor and assist in social distancing and standard operating procedure compliance. In the current wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, restricting and limiting community spread has become critical for local governments and administrations. Worldwide lockdowns were implemented despite their concomitant socio-economic impacts on business communities and as a result, businesses were affected. To resume the business/public office activities during the turmoil caused by the pandemic, enforcing COVID SOP compliance is essential. The inability to deploy expensive COVID-19 SOP compliance is challenging for most small businesses. The current practices undertaken by the businesses include contact tracing applications, hiring, or re-appropriate staff members to implement compliance measures such as measuring temperatures of incoming customers and ensuring a safe social distance is kept at all times. The proposed system ensures compliance by counting the number of people in the vicinity, ensure queuing distance, monitors the temperature, and warn attendees/office authorities for any violations. The system also maintains the data on a cloud for logging and monitoring purposes. The system does not record any personal information of the attendees nor supports contact tracing.

Keywords: Coronavirus;Pandemic;COVID-19;Internet of thingsIoT applications;IoT;smart sensor;crowd counting;COVID-Compliance;social distancing