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Synthesis of mono- and dinuclear cyclometallated compounds with palladium and platinum
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1  Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela


Cyclometallated compounds, particularly with palladium and platinum, have been extensively studied over the past years in part due to their applications as catalysts in cross-coupling reactions. They are also useful in medicinal chemistry, and quite a large number have luminescent properties.

Herein, the synthesis and characterization of novel palladium cyclometallated compounds and a study of their reactivity with a diphosphine ligand is discussed. Mono- and dinuclear compounds were prepared depending on phosphine ligand coordination.

Characterization has been carried by IR spectroscopy, 1H and 31P NMR spectroscopy.

Keywords: cyclometallation; palladium; platinum; thiosemicarbazone; diphosphine