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Microwave-assisted Asinger synthesis of thiazolines
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1  Centro Conjunto de Investigación en Química Sustentable UAEM-UNAM, Carretera Toluca-Atlacomulco Km. 14.5, Toluca, Estado de México 50200, Mexico
2  Facultad de Química, Facultad de Química, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. Paseo Colón esq. Paseo Tollocan, 50120, Toluca, Mexico


An array of 2,4-disubstituted thiazolines was obtained through Asinger reaction approach from the straightforward treatment of diverse aldehydes/ketones with 1-mercaptopropan-2-one in presence of NH3 assisted by microwave irradiation displaying similar and sometimes higher yields as well as shorter reaction times that traditional Asinger rection conditions at room and lower temperatures.

Keywords: thiazoline; Asinger Reaction; microwave irradiation