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A Low-Cost Miniature Electrohydrostatic Actuator
1  University of Saskatchewan (registering DOI)

This paper presents a low-cost, small-scale, electrohydrostatic actuator (EHA). This actuator leverages low-cost mass-produced hydraulic components from the radio-controlled model industry, combined with a novel 3D printed valve. The system is capable of relatively high bandwidth operation, with much higher power- and force-density than comparable electrical actuators. This paper presents a dynamic system model, investigating the range of stability and presents simulated and experimental results for systems stabilized by both physical leakage and pressure feedback terms. We also investigate the feasibility of two 3D printed valve options, concentrating on the limits of leakage for low-cost production: one fully 3D printed and another with a metal sleeve that can be machined using only hand tools.

Keywords: EHA; electrohydrostatic actuator