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PlanetScope Imagery for Extracting Building Inventory Information
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1  Eskisehir Technical University, Institute of Earth and Space Sciences


In order to prevent serious damages from a possible earthquake and to determine the possible losses, in settlements under earthquake risk, it is very important to extract building inventory information for further determination of the performance of existing buildings. As conventional methods, such as field investigations, can be time-consuming and costly on an urban scale, approaches that are able to speed up these processes and reduce the costs are required. Determining at least some of the data required to determine the seismic performance of an existing building using alternative methods instead of conventional methods will provide a significant advantage. The study aims to investigate the potential of PlanetScope satellite imagery for extracting building inventory information. Thus, the main objective of the study are; to extract building using deep learning methods, to determine the height and the construction period of the buildings, and to extract building area. For this purpose, two 3-m PlanetScope satellite images were used over the study area located in Eskisehir, Turkey. Over forty buildings were located in the study area. The results showed that with PlanetScope Imagery detached buildings can be detected with high accuracy using deep learning methods, their height and area can be calculated, and the construction period can be determined. For future studies, the obtained information are planned to further be processed in a Geographical Information System (GIS) for building inventory and to be used for seismic vulnerability assessment studies of existing buildings.

Keywords: Remote Sensing; Building Inventory; Seismic vulnerability; Geographical Information System; PlanetScope;