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People Perception about Climate Change and Adaptation in the Arid Region of Pakistan
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Published: 29 October 2012 by MDPI in The 2nd World Sustainability Forum session Environmental Sustainability
Abstract: The paper analyzes the people perception regarding climate change and adaptation in the arid region of Pakistan in terms of temperature and precipitation fluctuation, drought and desertification, food scarcity, impact on agriculture and surface water, as well as seasonal fluctuation. Due to decrease in precipitation of 0.6inches and increase in temperature of 1.6 0C (1960-2000), the flow of water sector in Pakistan shows a more vulnerable condition from 1937-2004 that will caused a drastic change in rabi as well as kharif cultivation and need adaptation on an urgent basis. The decline in flow of the water in Indus water system will be effected the agriculture growth and production in the irrigated areas of the arid region in lower Punjab and Sind Provinces. Therefore, a questionnaire survey has been conducted in the lower Punjab to know the public opinion about the on going climate change and its impact on social, economical, demographic, and agriculture sectors. The main purpose of the survey is to device a methodology in view of public opinion for the adaptation and mitigation of climate change in the arid region of Pakistan. The major questions are about temperature and precipitation fluctuation, deforestation, overgrazing, drought, desertification, change in the earth geography, wars, change in pressure pattern, population increase, construction of water reservoirs, water resources, current government policies etc.
Keywords: People perception, Adaptation, Rabi season, Kharif season, Water resources, Population growth, climate change.