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Effects of Caregiver and Gender Differences on Fundamental Motor Skills in 4 - 5 Years Old
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1  College of Physical Education and Health Sciences, Zhejiang Normal University
2  Zhejiang Sports Science Institute


Preschool ages are an important window period for the development of children's fundamental motor skills. Caregiver's behaviour, mannerism, habits and expectations of participating in sports play an important role in the development of children fundamental motor skills. Grandparents upbringing is a very common phenomenon in China, this study was to compare the preschool children's fundamental motor skills development in China base on different caregivers group and gender. were assessed using the test of gross motor development,third edition (TGMD-3). Two-factor analysis of variance was used to explore the relationship between different genders and different groups of caregivers and children's fundamental motor skills. The interaction between the total score of object control and the development of ball catching was significant (P < 0.05).On the premise of different genders, there was a difference between the Parent care group and the eldercare group in different caregiver groups, and the performance of boys in the parent care group was better than that of the eldercare group (P < 0.05). No such difference was seen among girls; On the premise of different groups of caregivers, there were differences between the two genders in the parent care group, and boys performed better than girls (P < 0.05). No such difference was observed in the elder care group. There are differences in the development of object control skills among different caregivers and children aged 4-5 years of age with different genders, so the training of object control motor skills among different caregivers should be strengthened to avoid the difference in basic motor development of children caused by the difference between caregivers and gender.

Keywords: Children;Caregivers;Sex;Fundamental motor skills