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The Effect of a Hydrogen Peroxide Preparation with Silver Ions on the Qualitative Traits of Table Eggs and on Reducing the mycotoxin biosynthesis
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1  Department of Food Quality and Safety Management, Poznań University of Life Sciences, 60-637 Poznań, Poland
2  Poznań University of Life Sciences


The quality and safety of raw materials and food products are inextricably linked. Table eggs are subject to special monitoring due to microbial hazards. So far bacterial hazards have mostly been monitored. However, the latest reports have pointed to a threat that has not been considered for table eggs. Microfungi can grow on the surface of eggshells and penetrate into the egg content. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the microbiological state of the eggshell surface, which will guarantee the safety of egg consumption and slow down spoilage. The aim of the study was to examine how the sanitation of eggs with a hydrogen peroxide preparation containing silver ions affected the dynamics of growth of microfungi and the biosynthesis of mycotoxins during egg storage. The research results showed that H2O2 with silver ions was effective against microfungi and simultaneously limited the biosynthesis of mycotoxins. The egg sanitation treatment with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions reduced the count of microfungi, which stopped growing after one week of storage. The effectiveness of much lower concentrations of the preparation against these fungi may have been caused by the content of silver ions. There was a smaller decrease in the Haugh unit value in eggs sanitised with hydrogen peroxide and silver ions in the final period of storage. This means that the eggs lost freshness less dynamically. The research results showed that the treatment of eggs with the H2O2 preparation with silver ions slowed down their spoilage processes and effectively reduced their content of microfungi and mycotoxins.

Keywords: silver ions; hydrogen peroxide; eggs; mycotoxins; microfungi