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Industry Location Assessment for Multinational Enterprises in Latvia
* ,
1  Riga Technical university

Published: 29 October 2012 by MDPI in The 2nd World Sustainability Forum session Sustainable Urban Development
Abstract: The research is drawn on the main hypothesis that Latvia does not use its advantageous location effectively supported by the previous research results published this year in the book "Climate change and adaptation to it: Latvia" where the authors found the modern industrial real property market stock would not need any further growth and pointed on the local industrial real estate market misbalance. The research subject is the leading industrial multinational enterprises from the Baltic Sea Region working in Latvia. The survey is planned to be conducted in Latvia. A focus of the research is on finding out the key principles in those companies\' choice on the most appropriate territory to the industrial objects and industrial location specifics. The Paper contains the questionnaire with the projected results, the analysis of other scientists\' work results on the industrial location research and the model previously introduced. The worked out model is devoted to forecast stock of the modern industrial premises in Europe in the territory of the Republic of Latvia by the original approach of including the European climate change issue as a basis to assign the sustainable supply of the industrial premises, applying complex of the methods like logical approach and comparison, the system and dynamic row\'s analyses. The Paper is a message to professional critical view and assessment on the model and the questionnaire.
Keywords: business in the Baltic Sea Region, economically advantageous location, industry location, locational strategy, market attractiveness assessment