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Particle Physics at Primary Schools: a report on the Italian project
* 1 , 2
1  INFN, Sez. di Milano
2  INFN, Sez. di Milano Bicocca


We report on our current and past activities on the development of a training and teaching program for primary schools devoted to the
Standard Model of Particle Physics. The project has been held in several schools in Bergamo area (northern Italy), based on the
original Particle Physics for Primary Schools format proposed by C.Lazzeroni at the University of Birmingham (UK) (2017-present).
The program is fostered by a joint collaboration between INFN - Milano Bicocca, the primary school IC Carvico and the University of Birmingham.
The outcomes suggest that a wide interest exists both in teachers and in students and their families about cutting-edge science.
Being passionate about science can be an inspiring attitude for young people and children, especially when they will choose their future academic
and professional path. The program also aims at removing the gender bias and some deeply rooted common misbeliefs about science.
The importance of a prospective stable institutional mechanism to train teachers on the latest results in science as well as of an
enduring cooperation on pedagogical transposition of science achievements is emphasized. We also mention several possible directions in order to further expand our current activities by stressing the links with specific skills and competences that match the curriculum in both primary and secondary schools.

Keywords: Particle Physics; Primary Schools