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New non-extremal and BPS hairy black holes in gauged N = 2 and N = 8 supergravity
1  Politecnico di Torino

Published: 22 February 2021 by MDPI in 1st Electronic Conference on Universe session Black Holes

We present a N=2 supergravity model that interpolates between all the single dilaton truncations of the gauged SO(8), N=8 maximal supergravity. We provide explicit non-extremal electrically or magnetically charged black hole solutions and their supersymmetric limits, exploiting the non-trivial transformation of the Fayet-Iliopoulos parameters under electromagnetic duality to connect the electric and the magnetic configurations. Among the obtained class of solutions, we were able to recover the known results in the case of the STU model, while all the other charged solutions are new. We also provide the asymptotic charges, thermodynamics and boundary conditions of these black hole solutions and show that the correspondent configurations introduce a triple trace deformation in the dual theory.
We then consider a new supersymmetric truncation of the maximal supergravity and find non-extremal and supersymmetric black holes in this new sector. These black holes can be uplifted to higher dimensions and can be interpreted as new M2-brane and D2-brane with a regular supersymmetric limit.
We expect that the introduced infinitely many black hole configurations can turn out to be a playground to test ideas of holography, microscopic state counting and condensed matter, as well as a small step towards the characterization of all the supersymmetric solutions of M-theory.

Keywords: Black holes; Supergravity models