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1  U. Patras, Patras-Rio, Greece

Published: 22 February 2021 by MDPI in 1st Electronic Conference on Universe session The Universe of Andrei Sakharov

Dark matter (DM) came from long-range gravitational observations which actually does not interact with ordinary matter. Though, on much smaller scales, a number of unexpected phenomena contradict this picture for DM. Because, some of the solar activity or the dynamic earth’s atmosphere might arise from DM streams. Gravitational (self-)focusing effects by the Sun or its planets of streaming DM fits as the underlying process, e.g., for the otherwise puzzling 11-year solar cycle, the mysterious heating of the solar corona with its fast temperature inversion, etc. Observationally driven we arrive to an external impact by as yet overlooked “streaming invisible matter”, which reconciles some of the investigated mysterious observations. Unexpected planetary relationships exist for the dynamic Sun and Earth atmosphere and are considered as the signature for streaming DM. Then, focusing of DM streams could also occur in exoplanetary systems, suggesting for the first time investigations by searching for the associated stellar activity as a function of the exoplanetary orbital phases. The entire observationally driven reasoning is suggestive for highly cross-disciplinary approaches including also (puzzling) bio-medical phenomena. Favoured candidates from the dark sector are the highly ionizing anti-quark nuggets, magnetic monopoles, but also particles like dark photons.

Keywords: dark matter, gravitational lensing, sun, Earth, exoplanetary systems