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Corrosion inhibition of 3003 aluminum alloy in molar hydrochloric acid solution by olive oil mill liquid by-product
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1  Team of Physical Chemistry and Environment, Faculty of Sciences, University of Ibn Zohr, Agadir, Morocco
2  Laboratory of Applied Chemistry and Environment, ENSA, University Ibn Zohr, PO Box 1136, Agadir, Morocco
3  Industrial & Logistic Laboratory, Higher School of Management, Telecommunications and Computer Science, SUP MTI, Rabat, Morocco


According to the literature, the works on the inhibition of aluminum alloy corrosion using naturally occurring compounds are limited. For this, the inhibiting effect of oil mill liquid by-product (OMW) on the corrosion of 3003 aluminum alloy (AA3003) in molar hydrochloric acid solution was evaluated using electrochemical techniques. In parallel, a computational approach based on DFT/B3LYP and Monte Carlo methods was used to understand the inhibition process under electronic and atomic scales, respectively. The experimental results reveal that OMW has a good inhibiting effect on the corrosion of AA3003 alloy in the tested solution and acts as a cathodic inhibitor. The inhibitory efficiency increases by increasing OMW concentration to attain 89% at 6.0 ppm. The effect of temperature shows that the inhibition efficiency of OMW decreases with temperature rising. Nevertheless, a good prevention capacity of 83% is obtained at 338 K. Such interesting achieved protection property was attributed to the adsorption of OMW constituents onto the alloy surface via a mixed physichemisorption process. This process is found to obey the Langmuir adsorption isotherm. Furthermore, the activation thermodynamic parameters of the corrosion process of AA3003 alloy were also determined and discussed. The computational outcomes outlined the ability of the OMW components to interact favorably with the metal surface, hence the formation of a protective layer, which justified the observed inhibition behaviors. Conferring to the present study, OMW can be used as a good green corrosion inhibitor for AA3003 alloy in the acidic medium.

Keywords: aluminum alloy; hydrochloric acid; corrosion; inhibition; oil mill wastewater; adsorption.