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Influence of partially hydrogenated pyridines (derivatives of cyanothioacetamide) on blood indicators of rats with acute tetrachloromethane hepatitis
Ann Burdeynaya * 1 , Elena Bibik * 2 , Bogdan Krivokolysko * 2 , Konstantin Frolov * 2 , Victor Dotsenko * 2 , Sergey Krivokolysko * 2
1  St. Luke Lugansk State Medical University
2  St. Luke Lugansk State Medical University

Published: 30 October 2019 by MDPI AG in 5th International Electronic Conference on Medicinal Chemistry session ECMC-5

Currently, a focused search for new and safe hepatoprotective agents is highly relevant. Studies of six partially hydrogenated pyridines, derivatives of cyanothioacetamide, on a model of acute tetracycline hepatitis indicated a high hepatoprotective and detoxifying activity for all compounds. They stabilized the level of biochemical blood parameters, keeping them at the normal level in terms of hepatotoxicity induced by the use of high dosages of CCl4 in vivo.

Keywords: Hepatoprotective agents, carbon tetrachloride, hydrogenated pyridines, cyanothioacetamide