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Dear Colleagues of the 1st International e-conference on Energies,

Thank you very much for your participation at this successful first edition of the e-conference.
For your convenience all papers and presentations are now available as zip download.

Welcome Address from the Chair of the e-Conference

Whither Energy Conversion? Present Trends, Current Problems and Realistic Future Solutions

Photo of Enrico Sciubba This e-Conference on energies is another contribution by our Journal to the dissemination of knowledge in the field of energy sources, conversion, and final use. Let me first elaborate on its rationale and then provide some information about the possibilities that such a new form of knowledge dissemination offers.

The field of “Energy” is vast, and its importance is much stronger than claimed by some statisticians (according to which, since energy-related contribution to the GDP is—on a worldwide average—about 10%, this ought to be reflected in its relative ranking among the “strategic issues”). One does not need to be an expert in our field to see though that, quite on the contrary, the relevance of most energy-related topics for the survival of our species is immense and fundamental. What primary sources to tap and how, which conversion processes to adopt and how to combine them, how to improve the efficiency of the source-to-final use chain, how to correctly assess and mitigate the environmental impact, how to link an effective energy policy with a reasonably sustainable development, are all issues that impact not only the long-term survival of our species, but the “conservation”—as a life-harboring planet—of our Earth.

Thence the idea, proposed by our Editorial Office, to offer an international forum for discussion of all of the above topics. The goal is ambitious, and is that of publishing a collective compendium of assessments of the state of the art of current energy-related technologies and their known problems, to present original ideas as to the exploitation of novel sources or the better use of the existing ones.

The title we chose—after some internal debate—is indicative of the complexity of the task and of its importance, and conveys the idea that the issue is an open one and that future improvements can be attained only through careful study of the experience (including the failures!) of the past, the knowledge of the present… and some creative and educated engineering imagination!

We are looking for a response of the energy community commensurable with the importance of this goal and are sure that the e-Proceedings of the conference will constitute an important reference for the next generation of scholars, industrialists, and energy strategists.

The e-Conference is in fact a particular kind of Special Issue, in which manuscripts will be handled as if they were submitted to a physical conference: the topics are pre-selected, and only works relevant to the Conference Call will be considered for our review process. Published papers can thus be expected to be strongly related to each other, so that a complete view of each addressed issue will be presented to the readers.

In fact, articles will be enjoying the status of archival publications, within a Special Issue of Energies which, we hope, will be genuinely “special”!

I wish every success to this initiative and to all of the authors, reviewers and editors who will join us in this endeavor. On our part, we at Energies will spare no effort to make this e-Conference a long-lasting success.

Prof. Enrico Sciubba, Ph.D.
Chair of the 1st International e-Conference on Energies
Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Energies
Professor of Turbomachinery & Energy Systems,
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,
University of Roma Sapienza, Roma, Italy

Dr. Enrico Sciubba (M.Eng. Roma 1972, Ph.D. Rutgers, NJ 1981) is Professor of Turbomachinery and of Energy Systems at the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering of the University of Roma Sapienza. He has taught and/or is teaching courses on Turbomachinery, Thermo-fluid-dynamics of machines; Heat transfer; Turbulence; Energy Systems design; Energy Systems Diagnostics; Thermo-Economics & Sustainability—on these topics he is also active as a Lecturer at several international institutions. Dr. Sciubba has held industrial and academic positions in the US and Europe, was awarded two honorary Doctoral Degrees from foreign Universities, is the Faculty Coordinator for the ERASMUS exchange programs, and since 2009 is Director of the Summer School of Thermodynamics of Rome. He has authored or co-authored 4 books (2 in English) and over 200 scientific papers on exergy analysis, CFD-and Process simulation, and advanced turbomachinery design.

Professor Sciubba is an ASME Fellow, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Energies, Co-Editor of the E3 Journal and Associate Editor for Energy, the International Journal of Thermodynamics, the International Journal of Energy Research, the International Journal of Exergy, the Sustainability Journal, the Journal of Environment, Energy and Ecology, and the Journal of Energy Resources Technologies.

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