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2nd International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications

S3: Smart Textiles

Section Chair:
Dr. Giuseppe Andreoni, Design Department, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy

Smart textiles are functionalized textiles for sensing, actuating or interaction. They could be either wearable or environmental, embedded in clothes or in the physical interface of systems and products. The web-conference session aims at collecting researchers and their work about development and applications of smart textiles in a wide range of fields.

Original contributions are solicited on scientific advances of sensors and actuators embedded in or made of smart textiles. Theoretical, numerical and experimental works are welcome, including papers developed with a multi-disciplinary approach.

In particular, participants are invited to submit their contributions in the following areas:

  • Methods, materials and technology for smart textiles design
  • Metrologic validation of smart textiles sensors and actuators
  • Smart textiles sensor for Healthcare (monitoring, rehabilitation, …)
  • Actuation properties in smart textiles
  • Technological issues in smart textile development and application (miniaturization, power supply, energy harvesting, communication,…)
  • Ergonomics of wearable systems
  • Design and interaction with smart textiles

Experimental and application oriented papers are also welcome, including but not limited to:

  • Sport and fitness applications of smart textiles
  • Ultratechnical textiles for safety and protection
  • Smart textiles sensor in Healthcare processes (monitoring, rehabilitation, …)
  • Wearability studies
  • Interaction and emotion analysis with smart textiles
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